Coaching Staff

Mike Lazazzera

Mike Lazazzera (“Coach Laz”) has coached at every level of hockey including the NHL, AHL, IHL, ECHL, USHL, OHL, NCAA D1/D3, EHL, in China as well as High School hockey.

Coach Laz has a sports psychology and sports counseling background with over 5000 hours of counseling and mentoring ice hockey players and other athletes from the Pee Wee to Professional. Coach Laz has provided and implemented sports psychology workshops with various themes for a number of youth, high-school, junior, college and professional teams. He has a strong academic background and presently is pursuing two PhD’s; one in Performance Psychology and the other in Leadership.

Coach Laz also has extensive experience providing direction for players looking to make it to the “next level” – whatever that level may be. The 35+ years of coaching/mentoring/counseling experience has given him an incredible “network” of contacts/coaches all over North America and the world.

Mike is also runs a successful Sports Performance business called Mind Over Matter where he has helped many high-level athletes overcome mental hurdles and elevate their game to greatness.

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