"I personally guarantee Dry-Land Hockey Training delivers the best on-line educational content for parents and strength trainers. Get unlimited access to high performance material that can help increase your player's speed, strength and confidence on the ice."

- Mike Pickles, Founder - D.FHP



How to Increase First Step Quickness

Mike's NEW Explosive Hockey Speed program helps players increase their first step quickness in only six weeks. Download your FREE step by step guide.

How to Design Training Programs

Strength coaches learn how to design hockey training programs for players at all levels. Learn Mike's successful coaching model training philosophy.

How to Prepare for Tournaments

Parents save time and money on learning how to prepare high performance meals for your player, giving them lazer focus and ultimate energy for games.




Mike Pickles, Off-ice Hockey Training Specialist is a sought after speaker, presenting on high performance training and nutrition for young hockey players. From Team BC Hockey camps, Major Midget and the WHL Prospects Combine, Mike delivers the most current education on how to help players succeed. Mike is well know for his 'Success Strategy Formula' that builds players confidence by helping them believe in their potential to always do their best.